sedak and sunglass merge sales

Glass from a single source: flat, curved, in oversized formats

Around three years ago, sedak, the technological leader for glass in oversized formats and high-end quality, and sunglass industry, specialists for thermally curved glass, joined together. Now, the two companies are bundling their sales operations under the sedak brand. Architects and planning offices will now have a single contact partner for the entire portfolio of flat and curved glass.

Head of Sales Kevin Berni emphasized: "Presenting ourselves under the unified sedak flag simplifies communications as well as the complete procurement process for our market partners and strengthens our position as a full-service supplier."

Glass in exceptional forms and quality 

sedak will continue to invest in both locations and is extending capacities and quality standards. In 2021, for example, a new 18-meter bending furnace went into operation in Gersthofen (Germany), whilst in Villafranca Padovana (Italy) a 3D bending furnace was invested in, with which multi-curved glass panes can be manufactured as safety glass (thermally toughened or fully-tempered). With an anisotropy scanner and a 3D form scanner for curved glass, sedak is laying further foundations to extend its quality leadership.

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Competence team for flat and curved glass (from left to right): Maic Pannwitz (Vice President sedak, inc.), Guillaume Chinzi, Gery Chinzi, Beatriz Fernandez, Kevin Berni (Head of Sales), Gaia Sperotto and Ralf Scheurer. ©Thomas Dashuber/sedak
Competence team for flat and curved glass (from left to right): Beatriz Fernandez, Gery Chinzi, Guillaume Chinzi, Gaia Sperotto, Kevin Berni (Head of Sales) and Ralf Scheurer. ©Thomas Dashuber/sedak
Head of Sales Kevin Berni and his team want to expand sedak‘s innovation leadership. © Thomas Dashuber/sedak