edel wie ein diamant: rillenschliff von sedak

leading glass. - next level glass refining

sedak is a premium manufacturer of insulating and safety glass of exceptional quality. The world’s leading glass fabricator produces glass units in dimensions up to 3.6m x 20m: processed, tempered, laminated, printed, coated, cold and hot bent.

As a pioneer in the processing and finishing of glass, sedak supplies premium products for glass facades, exclusive glass staircases and railings, and glazing for ships and yachts. Our processing skills and finishing processes set the tone in the market - this is how sedak innovations are created.

groove grinding: precious as a diamond
With its manufacturing expertise in grooving grinding, sedak once again shows how multifaceted the building material glass is. sedak groove grinding has a high brilliance and becomes a visual highlight on the facade or in the interior - up to a maximum size of 3.6m x 20m. Grooved glass creates a dynamic look that changes depending on the viewing angle and incident light. The new production process allows numerous design and application options and further processing into insulating and safety glass.

sedak groove grinding


production skills