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Zertifizierungen: sedak Glasveredelung erfüllt höchste Ansprüche

Es gibt immer einen, der eine Disziplin besser beherrscht als jeder andere. Beim Thema Glaslamination ist es sedak. Wir generieren mit unseren Verfahren unübertroffene Glaseigenschaften in makelloser Qualität und erfüllen so höchste Ansprüche in den Bereichen Architektur und Marine.


Type Approval

The new sedak isosecure combines bullet-resistance with the performance capabilities of modern insulation glass: because the customary polycarbonate system is not needed with the new development, glass with coatings for solar control and heat retention can now be used in the construction of bullet-resistant insulation glass. sedak isosecure protects without splintering up to the highest bullet-resistance class BR7 NS according to DIN EN 1063.

Certificate BR4 NS 2019 Float

Certificate BR4 NS 2019 TVG

Certificate BR6 NS 2019 Float

Certificate BR6 NS 2020 curved 1m

Certificate BR6 NS 2020 curved 3m

Certificate BR7 NS 2019 Float

Certificate BR7 NS 2020 Mono

Glascobond® 2010

Type Approval

All Glascobond® products can be used in the context of TRLV, TRAV, and TRPV. In individual cases, an approval is therefore not necessary for this application area.

A general building inspectorate approval for Glascobond® laminated safety glass by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik is present.

download here

GLY-MarineCobond® 2014

Type Approval

GLY-MarineCobond® is a glass product that can be measured thinner than usual glazings by up to 45% due to its special structure causing an equal reduction in weight. Nevertheless it shows the same strength.

Certified with a Type Approval by LLoyds Register.

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