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sedak ceramic digital printing

Printing on glass in sensational dimensions

Large-format, UV-resistant printing on glass opens up a new world of individual facade design-made available and affordable by sedak. Roller-coater and digital flatbed printing are the two methods that sedak offers for ceramic printing on panes up to 20 m (787 in).

Possible Printings
  • Translucent printing, opaque printing, printing in multipe coatings
  • Higher saturation due to counter print
  • Color transitions
  • Thin lines, concentric circules, points in different levels of intensity and opaqueness
  • Frameless print
  • Imprinting of serial numbers and barcodes
  • Suitable for complex, multicolored scenes
  • Colors side-one suitable (black,white)
  • Color that prevents slipping
  • Photo-realistc print

sedak uses two methods based on ceramic inks for vivid, hardwearing printing on glass, i.e., roller-coater printing for full-coverage, single-color applications, and digital printing. After applying the ceramic inks, they are fired at temperatures exceeding 600°C in the tempering furnace so that they are permanently bonded to the surface of the glass and thus resistant to UV radiation.

For the "House of European History", sedak manufactured 53 laminates up to 7.8m, each printed individually with a filigree design.

Printing glass offers great options which the following examples demonstrate: 


sedak printing capabilities 

Overview production capabilities.pdf


One of sedak's sepcial printing capabilities is the double-vision effect. It requires two printings, one on top of the other. after the first print run, the glass has to be moved exactly to its initial position. That highly precise printing technique offers the option to design the facade with a basic pattern but the inner and outer side in different colors.

The glass sample in the clip demonstrates how the effect may work: sight and sun protection on the outside (light color dots) and glare protection with an undisturbed view inside (dark color dots). The dots have a diameter of only 50mm. 

Ceramic-ink roller-coater print
max. size 3300mm x 20000mm 130in x 787in
thickness 6mm - 19mm 1/4in - 3/4in
max. weight 2822kg 6221lbs
Ceramic-ink digital print
max. size 3300mm x 18000mm 130in x 709in
max. thickness 6mm - 19mm 1/4in - 3/4in
max. weight 2822kg 6221lbs
type of color ceramic ink;
heavy-metal free
coating 6µm - 80µm
precission ± 20µm/m
tolerances printing size ± 2mm (8mm - 9000mm);
± 4mm (9000mm - 18000mm)
colors 6 basic colors:
RAL 9005, RAL 9010,
RAL 3009, RAL 6001,
RAL 5005, RAL 1016
digital mixtures
application area interior/exterior
picture formats PDF, PS, EPS, AI, TIFF,
printing resolution 1024dpi