sedak logistics transports glass safely to its destination

sedak logistics transports advanced glass safely to its destination

Oversize pane formats call for oversize transport solutions. Following rigorous quality inspections of every finished pane of glass, we ensure its safe and secure transport to the construction site, regardless of whether the site is just around the corner or at the other end of the world.

sedak’s elaborate logistics include our own design of suction cups and rigid frames to guarantee that all panes of glass are transported securely and without distortion.

We coordinate the entire logistics chain, i.e., the transport itself, all customs documents, and compliance with local regulations.

For transporting shipments that are often exceptional and challenging, sedak works together with logistics partners throughout the world and has been expanding its own transportation resources since 2013. Our growing fleet of special vehicles guarantees fast deliveries of oversize panes of glass to our suppliers and customers.

To optimize the logistics chain, sedak invested in the development of a new truck. The result: A new 23m long inloader that delivers glass units up to 16m. The steerable rear axle which allows the truck to drive through narrow curves such as roundabouts is the key feature of the mega trailer. Due to its space-saving interior concept, no escort vehicle is required. Additionally, oversize glass is now simply loaded and unloaded on the glass rack. The time-consuming process has been replaced as well as the risk of breakage when de-stacking the glass.