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sedak bending with high precision

Rounding off our success: bent glass

The best connection between two points is sometimes a curve, i.e., a precisely bent pane of glass from sedak. We produce glass, max. size 3.51m x 20m (138in x 787in), using the cold bending method, a special capability of the glass manufacturer.

sedak has perfected a tried-and-true method of producing bent glass based on cold bending over molds or during the laminating process. 

Cold bending during lamination.

This process of cold bending involves bending the individual panes of a glass laminate prior to laminating and subsequently laminating them with the new curved geometry. The finished laminated pane retains its bent shape after autoclaving without the need for a supporting framework to help the glass retain its shape. The unique advantage of cold bending of laminated glass is primarily its better optical quality due to fewer distortions and reflections. The minimum cold-bending radius is about 1500 times the thickness of the glass (e.g., 10mm: bending radius 15m; 3/8in―590in). Please contact our sales department for an analysis of your project; tighter radii might be possible.


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