Elbphilharmonie ©Oliver Heissner

Façade glass from sedak - No one can do it as large and unique

Glass façades are an expression of modern architecture. With innovative products in unique maximum formats, sedak glass creates iconic façades and structures worldwide with a transparency never before achieved.

Light-flooded rooms let the soul breathe. Views open up when the interior merges with the exterior. The feeling of security takes on a new dimension. Insulating and safety glass covering surfaces of up to 72sqm paired with barely visible connecting elements create an unprecedented spatial experience and expand the design freedom for architects.

Architectural milestones are achieved with sedak glass. They bear the signature of major architects and are often witnesses to innovative glass finishing technologies. As a specialist in oversized and extremely heavy premium glass, the company develops future-oriented solutions to flexibly bring customers' visions to life. Exceptional reference projects provide proof of impressive expertise.

In addition to the high quality standards in workmanship and appearance, sedak glass meets the requirements for modern Ug values and offers solutions for shading, privacy and bird protection.


3.6m x 20m are the sedak maximum dimensions
Numerous finishing techniques give architects
and building owners a great deal of freedom of design