sedak secure: safety glass

sedak secuprotect®: a laminated safety glass ready for a burst of enthusiasm

sedak secuprotect® is a laminated safety glass with a highly exclusive protective function. The different characteristics of sedak secuprotect® result from the makeup of the laminated glass.

Classified according to protective function, sedak secuprotect® can provide the following functions:

  • suitability for foot traffic
  • falling and fall-through resistance
  • resistance to thrown objects
  • resistance to manual attack
  • bullet resistance
  • blast resistance
  • hurricane resistance
Bullet resistance class BR7 NS

As bulletproof glass, sedak secuprotect® is certified in the highest bullet resistance class BR7 NS according to DIN EN 1063 and even achieves Stanag Level 3 - thus also protecting against heavy incendiary bullets.

Certificate for sedak secuprotect®  flat

Certificate BR7 NS 2020 Mono