sedak secudecor: safety glass for designers

sedak secudecor®: safety glass that appeals to designers

Never before have designers had so much freedom. sedak secudecor® is the safety glass for the future of architecture. More than ever before, glass surfaces, e.g., on facades, have become a showcase for individual designs.

sedak implements color schemes to perfection on panes up to 20m (787in) long, either with decorative, delicate coatings in gold or silver, or with the help of ceramic digital printing.

Ceramic inks applied to the glass using the roller-coater method result in rich, full-coverage coloring.

sedak uses its ceramic flatbed printer, the world’s largest, whenever images, repetitive designs, and decorative effects require reproduction in resolutions ranging up to 1024dpi. This process permits cost-effective scaling and an infinite number of design repetitions.