sedak secucolor: colored safety glass

sedak secucolor®: a wide choice of colored safety glass

sedak secucolor® is the right response for every taste whenever the appeal of safety glass requires enhancement with a color that fully covers the glass’s surface.

Adding color to safety glass can be performed in three different ways, i.e., colored interlayers, body-tinted glass or printing on the glass using the roller-coater method, with all methods having totally different results. The range of colors covers all conceivable shades and includes colors akin to the range of RAL Colors.

Virtually any color is possible with sedak secucolor®. You can choose from body-tinted safety glass or safety glass covered with colored sheeting, available in all shades, including a range that is akin to the RAL Colors. Do you want your company's building facade in exactly the same color as your company logo? The sedak secucolor® range makes it easy.

Full-coverage printing on safety glass with the sedak roller-coater method further expands the range of possibilities. We use ceramic inks that are bonded permanently to the surface of the glass during tempering at 600°C. The result is an especially durable and UV-resistant color scheme.