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sedak clear-edge®: transparent edge protection

sedak clear-edge® is an innovative finish for open laminate edges, such as those used in balustrades or structural components made of glass. The laminated, transparent edge protection creates a functional, flat finish that brings out the style.

These days, glass balustrades and banisters are usually made of laminated safety glass, with the open laminated edge freely exposed at the top. These can become unsightly due to moisture standing too long on the edge, causing damage and delamination.
With sedak clear-edge®, a polished glass strip is applied to the open edge to provide permanent protection for the laminate.

In addition, the laminated glass strip serves as a sacrificial material for impacts against the edge, and thus consolidates the accident-proof function of balustrade and banister glazing in line.
As such, sedak clear-edge® provides two-layer lamination for balustrades, whereas previously three-layer laminates had to be used in order to meet building regulations.

sedak clear-edge® is available in different widths, lengths and glass thicknesses:

- Laminate thickness up to 2cm for lengths up to 5m
- Laminate thickness up to 4cm for lengths up to 8m
- Laminate thickness as of 4cm for lengths up to 20m

Glass thicknesses of up to 12mm are possible.


Brochures sedak clear-edge.pdf 

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Sample construction using sedak clear-edge®: the functional impact and edge protection brings out the style.