transparent edge protection

sedak clear-edge: transparent edge protection

sedak clear-edge is an innovative finish for open laminate edges. A laminated, polished glass strip protects the open edge from weathering and impact. With clear-edge, sedak delivers a functional, flat finish that brings out the style.

Designed for parapets or structural glass components, sedak clear-edge combines a clear edge appearance and effective protection. Especially in the case of balustrade and railing glazing, which is usually made of laminated safety glass with the open lamination edge installed facing upward freely weathered, sedak clear-edge protects against the effects of weather. The glazing strip prevents moisture penetration, thus permanently preserving the appearance and function of the laminated film.

In addition, sedak clear-edge provides protection against edge impacts or collisions (tested according to DIN 18008-4 E & F). This is a functionality that is particularly useful for glass facade parts (e.g. fins). As a so-called sacrifice material, only the glazing strip breaks and maintains the (residual) load-bearing capacity of the entire laminate.

sedak clear-edge thus enables a slimmer design with 2-fold laminates on parapets and railing glazing, where 3-fold laminates have been used to date in accordance with building regulations.

Technical data*
max. length 12,000 mm / 39 ft
Thickness/height 6 – 12 mm / ¼ – ½ in
min. width 13 mm; recom. thickness glass strip: 6 – 8 mm/ 1/4 – 5/16 in
≥ 17 mm; recom. thickness glass strip: > 8 mm/ 5/16 in
max. width 44 mm; recom. thickness glass strip: 6 mm/ 1/4 in
60 mm; recom. thickness glass strip: > 6 mm/ 1/4in

*The specified values are available. Deviating lengths, thicknesses or widths are possible, must be technically checked in advance.

Structure of glass parapet