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sedak insulating glass

sedak insulating glass – nobody can do it bigger and heavier

With our insulating product line, we provide an extensive portfolio, which fulfils even the highest quality standards of insulating capabilities. Sedak already produces insulating glass up to 3.6m x 20m.


sedak insulating glass includes the largest and thickest insulating glass units in the world in addition to proven double and triple glazing. We manufacture panes up to 20m long with multiple laminations in multiply glazing. We can additionally supply insulating glass units, with steps of up to 700mm (28in), for an esthetically advantageous composition with minimum joint thickness.

With our new insulating glass line, we can also produce glass up to 3,2m x 15m and a loadbearing capacity of up to 450kg/ lm – highly automated. Thereby, we save a high amount of time and offer a reproducible quality of glass.

The sedak press release ‘sedak automates production of insulating glass units’ gives a detailed insight into the function of the 145m long insulating glass line.

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Film insulating glass production

Broschure insulating glass line