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sedak safety glass

sedak safety glass: glass in a unique format

There´s no room for compromises when it comes to safety. All sedak safety glass products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in pane formats of up to 3.6m x 20m (138in x 787in).

Processing heat-strengthened and fully tempered glasses is only part of the work at sedak. Depending on the customer’s specification, we can conduct quality assurance tests on our premises, e.g., heat-soak test.

Laminated safety glass from sedak is produced exclusively under clean-room conditions using the vacuum bagging method. The result is 100% lamination quality without bubbles or contamination. Multiple lamination of sedak safety glass results in a maximum thickness with 12 plies. Heavyweights weighing up to 8,000kg (17,600lbs) per pane, which are manufactured under highly accurate requirements, can resist even huge forces.

For unsurpassed stiffness and load-carrying capacity of safety glass designs, sedak uses the special bonding properties of DuPont SentryGlas® (SG) and manufactures sedak’s exclusive GlasCobond® safety glass using a specially developed process. This glass is also used in shipbuilding, where it is marketed under the name GLY-MarineCobond®. GlasCobond® creates new design freedom for floors, stairs, stair stringers, ships’ sides, balconies, and glass roofs.