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GLY-MarineCobond® - safety glass at sea

GLY-MarineCobond®: a safety glass that defies wind and waves

Extreme forces prevail at sea. Nowhere else is a safety glass product exposed to such harsh conditions. That’s why you only find one name at exposed locations on ships: GLY-MarineCobond.

GLY-MarineCobond is produced in the same way as GlasCobond®, and it is certified for nautical applications. GLY-MarineCobond is used for windows in the bow of the ship and for safety barriers or in decks. GLY-MarineCobond defies the elements via its unsurpassed stiffness and unmatched load-carrying capacity. Its superiority has been proved in comprehensive tests, earning it the highest possible level of approval for shipbuilding applications.

GLY-MarineCobond is a glass product that can be measured thinner than usual glazings by up to 45% due to its special structure causing an equal reduction in weight. Nevertheless it shows the same strength.

GLY-MarineCobond is certified with a Type Approval by LLoyds Register.

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