GlasCobond®: safety glass with Sentry® interlayer

glascobond®: safety glass will be the building material of the future

sedak has combined high-quality glass and SentryGlas® sheeting to achieve a new dimension in safety glass. Its name: Glascobond. Never before was safety glass so stiff, never before did it have such a good loadbearing capacity and never before was it suited for so many fascinating applications.

GlasCobond® is used worldwide for facades, floors, stairs, stair stringers, ships’ sides, balconies, and highly stable glass roofs that cope with amazingly few structural members.

GlasCobond® is a safety glass with unrivalled scope, exclusively produced by sedak.

  • Wind: G = 100 Mpa
  • Snow: G = 60 MPa
  • Holmload: G = 4 MPa