sedak safety glass

sedak safety glass: glass in a unique format

There´s no room for compromises when it comes to safety. All sedak safety glass products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in pane formats of up to 3.6m x 20m (141in x 787in).

Safety and quality are the number one priority at sedak. In addition to the processing to heat-strengthened and fully tempered glass there is the possibility to send the glasses to the in-house HST chamber to be tested for nickel sulfide inclusions, which can cause spontaneous failure. 

For getting a 100% lamination quality without bubbles or contamination, laminated safety glass from sedak is produced exclusively under clean-room conditions using the vacuum bagging method. 

For unsurpassed stiffness and load-carrying capacity of safety glass designs, sedak uses the special bonding properties of SentryGlas® (SG) and manufactures sedak’s exclusive Glascobond® safety glass using a specially developed process. This glass is also used in ship-building, where it is marketed under the name GLY-MarineCobond®. Glascobond® creates new design freedom for floors, stairs, stair stringers, ships’ sides, balconies, and glass roofs.

Fully tempered glass can resist impacts and shocks as well as bending and thermal loads. Due to the failure behavior of the glass it is suitable for further processing into laminated safety glass and thus for use as façade glass. The great attributes of sedak fully tempered glass are the flatness of its surfaces, the outstanding quality of the edges plus the low anisotropy and low number of roller waves. 

Heat-strengthened glass has a higher flexural strength and better thermal shock resistance than normal float glass. Further processed into laminated safety glass the failure behavior is optimized for safety. This is primarily important wherever heat-strengthened glass is used for overhead glazing. In the event of breakage, heat-strengthened glass forms large fragments that in most instances are held in place by the interlayer so they cannot drop onto persons or items below. 

Laminated safety glass When safety glass needs to meet stringent criteria, the thickness of sedak laminated safety glass rises to meet the challenge of two, three, four and even more plies. Laminated safety glass reduces the risk of injury through a calculable residual loadbearing capacity. Laminated safety glass can be produced from basic, heat-strengthened, and fully tempered glass. 
For more information on meeting your specification, please contact our sales team. They will be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements in detail.