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sedak isosun: solar control insulating glass

sedak isosun®: solar control insulating glass always remains cool

sedak isosun® is the efficient solar control insulating glass line from sedak. sedak isosun® reliably protects against glare and solar heat gains via its highly efficient combination coating.

Even in instances of large areas of glass, the sedak isosun® insulating glass, with its integral solar control coating, prevents overheating or overcooling of buildings - without restricting the amount of incoming daylight.

Overview production capabilities

Broschure insulating glass line


application examples

Apple Store Palo Alto
Apple Store Palo Alto
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Bauzeit 2007
Alice Tully Hall
Alice Tully Hall
Diller Scoido + Renfro LLC.
Bauzeit 2009