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sedak isosound: sound insulation glass

sedak isosound®: sound insulation glass with a feel for the quiet life

The sound insulation glass from the sedak isosound® range imposes clear limits on noise. The secret of its impact is a special PVP interlayer with outstanding acoustics properties. The interlayer material significantly reduces permeability compared with conventional PVP sheets - with a similarly efficient makeup.

sedak isosound® is the first choice for sound insulation glazing in residential, industrial, factory and office buildings.

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Broschure insulating glass line

product name sedak isosound® sedak isosound®
glass makeup (ext/cavity/mid/cavity/int) (mm) 6/16/4 8/16/4
Rw (dB) 36 37
C (dB) -2 -2
Ctr (dB) -5 -5
C100-5000 (dB) -1 -1
CTR 100-5000 (dB) -5 -5