German Premiere for sedak tempered+

Glasbau 2024 | April, 4. & 5. | Dülfersaal TU Dresden

On April 4th and 5th, sedak will be presenting the anisotropy-free sedak tempered+ for the first time in Germany at Glasbau 2024 hosted by TU Dresden. #teamsedak looks forward to engaging discussions on the latest generation of tempered glass! As part of the lecture program, Dr.-Ing. Julian Hänig will speak on the assessment of anisotropies in glass. His presentation will analyze the phenomenon and shed light on the challenges in accurately assessing these anisotropies. Additionally, various evaluation methods will be introduced to enable precise analysis and characterization.

Glasbau 2024 is aimed at researchers, manufacturers, architects, engineers, and government entities.

Glasbau 2024

sedak tempered+