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Finely cut: sedak extends production capabilities

The sedak groove grinding brings glass to optical excellence. Thanks to the new processing technology, the glass creates attractive reflections and becomes the new main actor in the facade or as an effective room divider. Thanks to digitalization, the design possibilities are manifold. To the press release

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Bullet-proof: sedak isosecure awarded with A+ Award

With a new development in the field of safety glass, sedak now offers a bullet-proof insulating glass with functional diversity. "

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Crystal-clear views: Parapets and handrails with glass edges

Unobstructed view: Parapets and handrails with glass edges

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Villa Friis
Welcome to our team!

Start of apprenticeship at sedak!

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sedak isosecure receives award

Architizer A+Awards 2020 awards bulletproof insulating glass in the category "Façades Glass & Glazing".

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Regal gloss in digital printing

Gold from the printer: sedak presents its new technology

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