edel wie ein diamant: rillenschliff von sedak

sedak groove grinding - multifaceted brilliance

Panes of glass with grooves create a dynamic visual impression that changes according to the viewing angle and the incident light. Sedak now realizes these fascinating optics by cutting the grooves into float glass. Due to precisely machined edges and homogeneous surfaces, grooved glass panes reflect its surroundings in a unique way. The big advantage: the new production process allows numerous design options. 

While conventional grooved glass is cast or pressed, sedak grooved glass is grinded. The precision of the processing makes fluted glass more than just a transparent sightscreen: the brilliant cut makes fluted glass the optical highlight on facades or as a striking room divider. Depending on the viewing angle, the incident light shimmers across the surface and captivates the observer. It is hardly impossible to escape the play of light and color. 

Digitalization offers a wide range of design options. The grooves can be lengthwise, crosswise, or diagonally. The groove shape can be V- shaped or worked as a C-groove. The spacing and groove depth can also be varied according to customer requirements. The fluted glass is also available curved.  

After grooving, the glass can be tempered and further processed to safety and insulating glass. Thus, it is used as façade glass or in interior applications, e.g. as room dividers. Fluted glass is available in the sedak maximum dimensions up to 3.6m x 20m.  


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