gold and silver from the printer

Two materials that have fascinated mankind for centuries are gold and glass. The elegant radiance of the precious metal and the high value associated with it combined the bright transparency of the fragile material glass results in a unique and very unusual effect. There is a fascinating interaction, which captivates the observer. 

With is new digital printing technology, sedak can now put precious metals onto glass. The interplay between glass, gold and silver creates glass panes with fascinating optical effects – as insulating and safety glass, even curved. Especially impressive: the printing process allows for extremely fine details and filigree structures. Complex design ideas can be realized with high precision.  

The printing takes place on float glass. For the printing process the yellow or white gold particles are bound in a special solution and applied to the glass extremely finely in a digital procedure. In the tempering process that follows the valuable metal bonds permanently to the glass.  

In order to protect the printed design from environmental influences and mechanical damage such as scratches, the printed side is placed on the inside of the laminate towards the film interlayer and is thus protected by the glass. From the panes with real metal printing sedak manufactures insulating and safety glass up to 3.3m x 18m, also curved. 


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