making architects' dreams come true with glass

Every idea needs a courageous champion to see it through. In the realm of glass processing, sedak pioneers new territory, serving as inspiration for architects and clients worldwide. We thrive on innovation, offering oversized glass, extraordinary geometries, and maximum transparency.

Our success is fueled by the innovative spirit of our employees, leading us to become the market leader in premium glass panels up to 3.6 x 20 meters. Our R&D laboratory is the birthplace of innovation, where we meticulously study glass properties and develop cutting-edge techniques.

With products like sedak tempered+, sedak isopure® insulated glass units with glass spacers, and sedak clear-edge all-glass balustrades, we redefine transparency, pushing boundaries to maximize clarity and light transmission. Safety is paramount with sedak bullet-resistant glass, offering unparalleled protection in oversized formats. Our pioneering sedak gsp sets new standards with a U value of 0.13, revolutionizing energy efficiency in glass. Elevate your space with real gold printing or groove grinding, adding a touch of luxury to shop fronts or sophisticated interiors. And let's not forget our "highly recommended" bird protection glass, ensuring the safety of our avian friends while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of our architectural designs.

At sedak, we don't just create glass products; we craft experiences, bringing architectural visions to life.