Making the conceivable feasible: R & D at sedak.

Every idea needs a courageous person who thinks it through to the end. In the world of glass processing, sedak is more than satisfied to play this role, which makes us the pioneer in the field of glass composites and an inspiration for architects and clients worldwide.

The origins of sedak’s innovation can be found in our fully equipped R & D laboratory where our engineers thoroughly investigate every different property of glass and create new processing techniques. Extensive quality and development tests are carried out on our own testing grounds:

  • Verification of the behavior of glass when subjected to dead, wind, snow, and access loads, etc.
  • Tests on facade mock-ups with original panes to establish the structural behavior and robustness when subjected to wind and impact loads.
  • Practical tests such as pendulum impact tests, sandbag impact tests, and subsequent residual loadbearing capacity tests, some supervised by specialist advisors.
  • Airtightness and watertightness tests.
  • Simulation of changing climate conditions within the scope of long-term tests.

As an enterprise driven by innovation, sedak uses its high-quality glass products as the basis for developing spectacular, prize-winning, all-glass designs, e.g., glass stairs and bridges, or all-glass structures that do not require a conventional loadbearing structure.