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sedak´s path to success

Our ideas have been making history: since 2007

sedak started as a glass manufacturer with a clear objective, i.e., to become the leader in innovations for high-quality glass processing. A systematic approach to this task has allowed sedak to realize its vision.

Founding year of sedak GmbH & Co. KG in Gersthofen, Bavaria, focusing on glass lamination and the marketing of glass products.

Introduction of the GlasCobond® brand, an extremely shear-resistant laminated glass product employing the SentryGlas® interlayer material. This is an innovative product for the building industry, ideal for self-supporting all-glass structures such as glass stairs and glass bridges.

Production of the first insulating glass units in oversize formats.

Separate technical approval for SentryGlas® lamination.

Production of tempered/heat-strengthened panes up to 15m (49ft) long.

Establishment of our own transportation fleet with special vehicles for delivering large glass formats to customers and suppliers as fast as possible.

sedak installs the roller-coater for full-coverage ceramic printing on large-format panes.

sedak is awarded a certificate for GLY-MarineCobond®, an extremely shear-resistant laminated glass product with SentryGlas® interlayer for nautical applications.

The world’s largest ceramic digital printer goes into operation at sedak. sedak can now handle all types of processing and can call itself a full-service supplier of glazing up to a size of 3.2m x 15m (10ft 6in x 49ft).

sedak starts operating their new 145m long insulating glass line. Units up to 3.2m x 15m (10ft 6in x 49ft) with a max. thickness of 102mm are now produced fully automated. The world's largest insulating glass line is a milestone in the insulating glass production.

Large glass needs a lot of space. For the planned expansion of the machinery, sedak's production hall had to be extended. In March, the excavation works started.
The new part has an area of 4,700 sqm. That leads to an overall area of 31,000 sqm, which is equal to five soccer fields.

New customized inloader: With a newly developed and worldwide longest inloader, sedak optimizes the handling of oversize glass. The new 23 m long inloader now delivers glass units up to 16 m.

sedak starts operating a second tempering furnace for glass up to 16.5m that allows the manufacturer to temper also pre-coated glass.

sedak installs a new ceramic-ink digital printer with a resolution up to 1024dpi.

sedak starts producing glass up to 3.51m x 20m.

New washing machine and processing center for glasses up to 20 meters

Foundation of sedak Hongkong Ltd.

Participation on SUNGLASS Industry srl, Villafranca / Padua (Italy)
Specialist for thermally bent insulating and safety glass

Moving of the autoclave and extension to 20 meters

Commissioning of the new tempering furnace for glasses up to 20 meters

Majority holding in SUNGLASS Industry srl

Expansion of the manufacturing capabilities to 3.6m x 20m