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Expansion of the sedak Instagram page:

About a year ago, we have launched our Instagram channel to raise awareness of our profession of flat glass technologist and to give an insight into working life as an apprentice at sedak. We are glad with the positive feedback we have received since then. With the increasing importance on Instagram in social media communication, we now want to expand the content of this channel. We will present projects and give insights into sedak production. The sedak Instragram channel is now available under Under the hashtag #karrierebeisedak we will continue to accompany our prospective flat glass technologist. The following link will take you to our Instagram page: read more

3.000sqm façade of glass and stone

For a project in Norway sedak proves its high competence in the field of lamination. To this end, 3.000 square meters of stone-glass laminates in various sizes are currently being produced. Detailed information can be found at: read more

sedak sponsors “Starkstrom” in the fourth season

In this year's racing season sedak sponsors the "Formula Student"-Team of Starkstrom Augsburg e.V. for the 4th time. Last year, the autonomous car "Fenja" took first place in the first autonomous competition in the UK. Now the aim is to continue the success. Racing car "Fenja" got a new steering, a new camera system for a larger field of view and a new algorithm that allows her to navigate without GPS: The focus of "Zapp"was on more reliable electrics. However, the greatest progress can be seen in the improvement of aerodynamics. Due to a rule change, the manned car got a new monocoque despite reuse. The aim was to make the chassis as light as possible. The process in the autoclave helps to reduce the amount of epoxy resin required to bond the carbon layers to a minimum. Thus the weight of the monocoque could be reduced again by 15% - the chassis weighs only 17.5kg. So sedak could help to reduce the weight by one kilo compared to year before. Starkstrom is now starting into the next season with two considerably improved racing cars and has set itself the goal of beating the records of recent years. With "Fenja" they want to reach the first place in Czech Republic and be among the top three in Hungary. We keep our fingers crossed! read more

Glass becomes ice and stone

Sculptural glass for architectureread more

sedak at the GPDs 2019

The Glass Performance Days (GPD) are a forum dedicated to the development of the global glass industry. Currently the conferences take place every two years in Finland, China and Brazil. In 2019 the GPDs will be organized again in Tampere, Finland. From 26th to 28th of June, visitors will be able to attend numerous workshops, conferences and an exhibition.In addition to trends such as smart glass and the optimization of materials, central themes of this year's GPDs are the constantly changing requirements for glass in urban and building planning, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. This year sedak is presenting two new products at the exhibition, "sedak clear-edge" and "sedak isopure", which open up new visual and structural design possibilities for glass elements and facades. We look forward to your visit at booth 11. sedak press release GPDs.pdf programm GPDs more informationsread more

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sedak isosecure - bulletproof glass reconceived

Bulletproof glass usually prevents projectiles of various ammunition sizes from penetrating and splintering by way of polycarbonate systems. They are applied on the inside of the glass. The disadvantage of conventional bulletproof insulating glass is that it can't be coated with sun and heat protection coatings. With sedak isosecure, we have taken the safety concept one step further. The pane structure requires no polycarbonate system. This is the trump of the sedak insulating glass family: - The use of the usual sun and heat protection coatings is possible - Exterior glass surfaces are only made of glass and not of plastic. This means that they don't scratch and can thus be cleaned normally. - Better classification of fire behavior, as no polycarbonate is used The certified structure is available for bulletproof insultating glass up to a size of 3.5 x 20 meters sedak has already received the certificate for the proven firing classes BR6 NS and BR4 NS for sedak isosecure. The certification for the highest firing class BR 7 NS is in planning. Certificate firing class BR4 NS.pdf Certificate firing class BR6 NS.pdfread more