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sedak, the company: unmatched glass processing.

Since  its  founding  in  2007,  Germany-based  company  sedak  has  used  its  pioneering  spirit  to  establish  itself  as  a  premium  manufacturer  of  large-format  insulated  and  safety  glass.  sedak  has  evolved  their  glass  as  a  construction  material  for  all-glass  facades and roofs. Iconic facades and buildings are created with an  unprecedented  degree  of  transparency  thanks  to  superior  quality of innovative products.

Raw  glass  is treated, strengthened, laminated, printed, cold-bent and assembled  into insulating glass  with  a  unique  set  of  machinery  that  spreads  over  a  production  area  measuring  35,000  qm.  Since   integrating   Italian-based   sunglass industry srl,   who   are  the  specialist  in  curved  glass,  sedak’s  core  expertise  also  now  includes  hot  bending  glass.  The  specialist  also  supplies  exceptional  solutions  for  luxury yachts  with  optimized  glass  for  use on the high seas.

The spirit of research, the expertise of 190 employees, and the ideas and visions of our customers are the driving force behind continuous further development in glass finishing. sedak stand for maximum transparency and, with innovative products and new solutions in the areas of lamination and bonding, is also constantly expanding the range of applications for this modern material.

As a full-service supplier and specialist in this know-how-intensive glass segment, sedak stands in partnership with architects, builders, facade and metal constructors - and with innovative products is already making a contribution today to the visionary architecture of tomorrow.

Impressive references include iconic buildings:

Apple Park

Lakhta Center

Haus der Europäischen Geschichte