glass balustrade ©sedak

crystal-clear vistas - Aesthetics meets function

A clear view for free spirits. So that the open gaze from balconies and roof terraces can drift undisturbed into the distance, the view should not be obstructed by opaque balustrades. Glass parapets provide a clear view. So that the vista becomes boundless, and near and far merge optically.

Whether with C-edge or glass edge trim. For all-glass parapets and balustrades, sedak offers various solutions that have one thing in common: They combine high aesthetic standards with functionality. They are available in lengths of up to 20m, straight or curved, with different edges or even bullet-resistant glass.

For special requirements to protect against weathering and impacts, parapets and balustrades can also be equipped with glass edge protection. Not even the slimmest metal component will disturb the view.

Oversized glass parapets with glass edge protection provide almost invisible support and allow your gaze to wander undisturbed. ©Rene Müller