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leading glass. - leading in glass refining

sedak is a premium manufacturer of insulating and safety glass of exceptional quality. The world’s leading glass fabricator produces glass units in dimensions up to 3.6m x 20m: processed, tempered, laminated, printed, coated, cold and hot bent.

Glass solutions from a single source - sedak supplies flat and curved glass

As a technology leader, sedak stands for glass in the maximum format of 3.6m × 20m, special fabrication, pioneer in the development of new technologies and solutions for the architectural and marine sectors.

Another expertise with high special knowledge and experience is the bending competence: gravity bending, thermal bending or cold bending during lamination. With sunglass industry as additional production site, we supply flat and curved glass in almost any shape and finish for the most demanding architecture or the most exclusive ships and yachts.

Creating something special: extraordinary, transparent and safe glass

Gold from the printer, functional edge protection and spacers are made of glass and our bulletproof glass fulfills the highest safety requirements (class BR7 NS). sedak is an innovation pioneer and your partner for exclusive and ambitious building projects.

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