sedak allrounder up to maximum size

Total glass processing for uncompromising quality

Flat glass and flat glass processing are what sedak is all about, and, more precisely, in sizes of up to 16.5m (650in). Our computer-controlled machining centers cut, grind, drill, and mill basic glass products in lengths that range up to 16.5m (650in). The high level of automation permits several operations to be performed simultaneously.

You can see and feel the fascinating precision of our edging - accurate, even on large panes, and with a much higher quality than required by the DIN standard when requested by the customer. Uncompromising dimensional accuracy also applies to the drilling and milling of flat glass. The precision tooling at sedak enables mechanical processing of glass in its final shape and exactly adheres to the specified distances between drilled holes.


Overview production capabilities.pdf

max. rough dimensions 3200mm x 16500mm 126in x 650in
max. cutting dimensions 3200mm x 15980mm 126in x 629in
thickness 4mm – 19mm 5/32in - 3/4in
max. weight 3000kg or 300kg/m 4400lbs or 200lbs/ft
radius min. 6mm 1/4in
max. length bis 16500mm up to 650in
max. width bis 3200mm up to 126in
thickness monolithic glass 6mm - 19mm 1/4in - 3/4in
max. weight 350kg/m²
edging grinding, seaming, high-gloss polishing
processing quality KGS, KGN, KPO
(higher quality levels available on request)
standard DIN 1249