sedak insulating glass protects against heat, noise, and high costs


sedak can already produce insulating glass in oversize pane formats of up to 3.2m x 15m (10ft 6in x 49ft). These large formats not only result in clear benefits in terms of the cost of production, erection, and service, they also combine reliable insulation values and a new type of design freedom.

As a manufacturer of glass for thermal and sound insulation, sedak has surpassed the bounds of the feasible. Starting in 2015, our new 145m (475ft 8.65in) long insulating glass production line will be able to manufacture insulating glass units (stepped insulating glass with 700mm/28in step) fully automatically. The spacers can be positioned automatically and very accurately. The insulating glass line can handle weights of up to 450kg/lm (992lbs/lm).


Overview production capabilities.pdf

Broschure insulating glass line

Press release insulating glass line

insulating glass line - visually and in tone

Insulating glass units
max. size 3200mm x 15000mm 126in x 590ft
min. size 680mm x 300mm 26 3/4in x 11 3/4in
full length production line 145m 475ft
weight/meter 450kg/lm 992lbs/lm
min. glass thickness 3mm 1/8in
max. thickness laminate 52mm 2in
min. thickness unit 20mm 3/4in
max. thickness unit 102mm 4in
step processing steps on all 4 sides
steps on the bottom edge 60mm – 700mm 2 3/8in – 27 1/2in
max. adjustable spacer setback 30mm 1 3/16in (secondary seal)
gas types argon, krypton or mixed gas
standard DIN EN 1279-5
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