sedak secuprotect®: the advanced form of fully tempered glass

sedak secuprotect® is a laminated safety glass with a highly exclusive protective function. The different characteristics of sedak secuprotect® result from the makeup of the laminated glass.

Classified according to protective function, sedak secuprotect® can provide the following functions:

  • suitability for foot traffic
  • falling and fall-through resistance
  • resistance to thrown objects
  • resistance to manual attack
  • bullet resistance
  • blast resistance
  • hurricane resistance
sedak secuprotect® - toughened safety glass
sedak secuprotect®:
2 to 5-ply safety glass; multiple on request
in seven safety qualities
interlayer: PVB, SG, TPU, EVA, custom-made laminates
up to 3.2m x 16.5m

application examples

Apple Store New York
Apple Store New York
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Retail Store BMW Paris
Retail Store BMW Paris
SAM+ & Specialiste Architecture Metal