Glass Facade - Dior, California
Dior Couture, Flagship Store, Californien

Vertical folded facade with lighting elements

A "shimmering curtain" of light and reflection using a "folded" glass facade with a reflective neutral low-e coating and silkscreened chrome coating accents was developed in detail using a full scale partial facade mock up based on the architects design working with the designers to perfect the final effect.

The first execution can be seen in the Dior Beverly Hills Flagship Store, stretching 5.5m / 18ft high over the almost 30m / 90ft width of the store's facade. The slim, up to 1:15 width to length ratio, glass units were milled, mitered, coated and laminated under sedak's direction to a high quality and then pre-mounted as special facade elements. This allowed the custom facade to be installed quickly, easily and on time; an advantage when the construction site is on Rodeo Drive, one of the busiest and finest shopping streets in America.

Prefabrication also led to a higher quality execution.


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Facade Glass - Dior Couture, California

Peter Marino Architect PLLC


Christian Dior Couture


Englekirk Structural Engineers


Zig-zag-glazed facade element
Glass balustrade