Projektionsleinwand - Arles
Doug Aitken, Arles France

projection screen with impressive size

Arles in the Camargue in southern France is an annual Mecca for the world of photographic art. Artists and art-lovers from around the globe come to the “Rencontres d’Arles” to enjoy presentations, workshops, exhibitions and installations.

One of the installations in 2011 was by Doug Aitken, a well-known American photographic artist. The installation – situated in the heart of Arles – consisted of an enormous glass projection surface, supported at the base only, on which sequences of images, impressions of the Camargue, were shown each evening. The dimensions and the quality of the projection were the special challenges for sedak.

Following intensive testing by sedak, the issue of “equal brightness of the projection on both sides” was solved with various types of foil and glass. The result was impressive: a free-standing projection surface made from three panes of glass in a row, 4.5m high, 7.2m wide and with minimal joints, delighted both the visitors to this international photography event and the town’s inhabitants.


Overview production capabilities.pdf


Baker Ogata Architects


LUMA Stiftung


Doug Aitken


Manufacturing of three glass panes in 4.5 x 7.2m stringed together.



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