sedak glass products - that defy wind and waves

sedak maritime glass products defy wind and waves. Whether oversized or spherically cold-curved glass panes, load-bearing insulating glass or all-glass façades - all products have been created as a reflection of the architecture visions of the 21st century. This is how most of the extraordinary glass buildings were created that today define architectural discourse around the world.

Glass from sedak is also used in the maritime sector. Unique yachts and sailing ships have been built with glass products from sedak. A particularly resistant product was developed for the purpose of meeting the harsh conditions at sea.

GLY-MarineCobond® is a heat-strengthened glass that is specially certified for the marine sector. It is used for windows in hulls, as a walk-on skylight, in glass railings or in the ship's floor. GLY-MarineCobond® withstands the elements with unrivalled rigidity and unprecedented load-bearing capacity. It has proven its superiority in extensive tests and has earned the most demanding approval for the shipbuilding sector.

GLY-MarineCobond® is a glass product whose special structure allows it to be sized up to 45 percent thinner than "conventionally" calculated glazing while maintaining the same strength.