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Torre Europa – Madrid, Spain

Individual glass diversity with extreme special sizes

In the heart of the business quarter of Madrid, directly opposite the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, home of Real Madrid Football Club, stands the Torre Europa. The 121m high building is one of the tallest in the Spanish capital. For more than 30 years, the Torre Europa has provided space for a large number of offices of various top companies, until recently including the auditing and consultancy company KMPG.

Extensive renovation work has made the Torre Europa, built in 1985, into one of the smartest office complexes in the world. From now on, smartphones and sensors will control important functions within the building such as the lighting and ventilation, which will enable its users to adapt and personalize their workspace directly.

In order to give visible expression to the innovative character of the building, the Torre Europa has also been modernized on an aesthetic level. The key element here is the new entrance area that sedak has created in cooperation with Bellapart. For the façade and the L-shaped roof of the around 10m x 10m x 12m cube-shaped entrance sedak manufactured a total of 55 2- to 4-layer laminates. 

The glass panes that form the façade on two sides are 10 meters high, 3 meters wide and are supported by glass fins, which are connected to the façade panes using titanium fittings. The L-shaped roof of the glass cube is constructed from panes up to 12m long. For maximum transparency the roof is supported by extra-narrow glass beams, which with a length of up to 11.71m narrow to a width of only 0.15m, thereby achieving a spectacular width‑to‑length ratio of 1:84. Eight insulation glass panes that are also part of the roof have stripes printed onto them digitally and are equipped with a heat and solar control coating.

The cube-shaped glass and steel construction is intended to optically break up the façade of the building and with its transparency it provides the Torre Europa with more light and additional openness.


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Scope of sedak

façade and roof
– 55 safety glas panes, 2- to 4-layer


Photo credits: Bellapart