The famous Apple Park in Cupertino, USA. ©Apple
Apple Park – Cupertino, USA

2,500 glass units for Apple Park facade

sedak glass does not only stand for outstanding quality and large dimensions. Spectacular buildings that have written architectural history are linked with the name of sedak – one of them are Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, USA.

For the nearly 31,000sqm large glass façade of the main building, sedak manufactured a total of 872 cold bent glass panes up to 3.2m x 14m. Each unit is a double laminate out of two 12mm thick heat-strengthened glass panes. Due to the circular design, the glass units for the outer façade were cold bent during lamination with a radius of 232m, the units for the inner façade with a radius of 177m. The special advantage of that bending technique is the higher visual quality thanks to less warp.

The double laminates of the outer building envelope are the largest cold bent glass that has been used in architectural construction up to now. One single glass element weighs up to 2.7t. Currently, there is no other building in the world with such a large number of glass units of that size.

In order to protect the façade against direct solar radiation, 1,616 white printed canopies in 3.2m x 14.1m were installed. sedak used UV resistant, ceramic inks to print the glass with the roller-coater technique. The overall area of the canopies is 57,724sqm.


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Facade main building:
– 872 safety glasses, cold bent | outside: 13.98m x 3.17m | inner: 10.67m x 3.17m

– 1.616 safety glasses | outside: 14.13m x 3.16m | inner: 10.62m x 3.14m

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Photo credit: ©Apple | ©sedak GmbH & Co. KG