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sedak heat-strengthened glass

Heat-strengthened glass: in a unique size

Good things now also come in large size: sedak heat-strengthened glass in pane sizes of up to 3.6m x 20m (138in x 787in) Apart from sedak, no other manufacturer offers these maixformats in comparable quality.

Heat-strengthened glass has a higher flexural strength and better thermal shock resistance than normal float glass. Further processing into laminated safety glass results in a failure behavior that is optimized for safety. This is primarily important wherever heat-strengthened glass is used for overhead glazing. In the event of breakage, heat-strengthened glass forms large fragments that in most instances are held in place by the interlayer so they cannot drop onto persons or items below.

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Apple Store New York
Apple Store New York
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Retail Store BMW Paris
Retail Store BMW Paris
SAM+ & Specialiste Architecture Metal