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GlasCobond®: safety glass will be the building material of the future

sedak has combined high-quality glass and DuPont™ SentryGlas® sheeting to achieve a new dimension in safety glass. Its name: GlasCobond. Never before was safety glass so stiff, never before did it have such a good loadbearing capacity and never before was it suited for so many fascinating applications.

GlasCobond is used worldwide for facades, floors, stairs, stair stringers, ships’ sides, balconies, and highly stable glass roofs that cope with amazingly few structural members. GlasCobond is a safety glass with unrivalled scope, exclusively produced by sedak.

  • Wind: G = 100 Mpa
  • Snow: G = 60 MPa
  • Holmload: G = 4 MPa

GlasCobond® is certified: registration number Z-70.3-175

For the first time, real wood veneers were laminated in between glass layers for an architectural project. sedak developed the technique to laminate eucalyptus wood into GlasCobond units for "111 South Main Street" in Salt Lake City, USA.


Overview production capabilities

GlasCobond® with Dupont SentryGlas
high qualitiy glass laminate
2 to 5-ply safety glass; multiple on request
interlayer: SentryGlas® Ionoplast
nearly bubble-free, high stiffness when subjected to wind/snow/external load, shear-resistant
makes lamination bending possible; high loadbearing capacity
available up to 3.51m x 20m

application examples

Apple Store New York
Apple Store New York
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Retail Store BMW Paris
Retail Store BMW Paris
SAM+ & Specialiste Architecture Metal