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sedak isotherm: a low-e insulating glass for a cozy interior

Today, low-e insulating glass units are indispensable for energy-efficient construction. Our sedak isotherm range satisfies the highest insulating and quality requirements. sedak isotherm glass relies on a neutral coating, with currently required Ug-values, to achieve effective thermal insulation.

As double or multiple glazing units with virtually invisible finish treatments, sedak isotherm glass is hardly distinguishable from conventional insulating glass. The benefits of this glass are: good color rendering, high light transmittance, and optimum thermal insulation.

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Broschure insulating glass line

type of coating neutral E neutral E 3 E
product name sedak iso neutral E double sedak iso neutral E double sedak iso neutral E triple
glass makeup (ext/cavity/mid/cavity/int) (mm) 4/16/:4 6/16/:6 6/12/6/12/:6
nominal Ug-value EN 673 1,1 1,1 1,0
g-value (%) 63 61 54
light transmittance (%) 80 78 70
general color rendering index for view through 97 96 94
thickness (mm / Inch) 24 / 0.95 28 / 1.06 36 / 1.42
weight (kg / lb) 20 / 44 30 / 60 30 / 66

[Translate to English:] Als Zwei- oder Mehrfach-Isolierglas mit fast unsichtbarer Veredelung ist es äußerlich kaum von gewöhnlichem Isolierglas zu unterscheiden: An- und Durchsicht erscheinen farbneutral, verbunden mit einer hohen Lichtdurchlässigkeit und optimaler Wärmedämmung. 

[Translate to English:] Beschichtungsart neutral E neutral E 3 E
Produktname sedak iso neutral E 2fach sedak iso neutral E 2fach sedak iso neutral E 3fach
Glasaufbau (außen/SZR/mitte/SZR/innen) (mm) 4/16/:4 6/16/:6 6/12/6/12/:6
Ug-Nennwert 1,1 1,1 1,0
g-Wert (%) 63 61 54
Lichtdurchlässigkeit 80 78 70
all. Farbwiedergabe-Index 97 96 94
Dicke (mm) 24 28 36
Gewicht (kg) 20 30 30
sedak isotherm - low e glass
sedak isotherm:
heat-strengthened or fully tempered
2 to 4-ply insulating glass; multiple on request
low-e coating on side 3
available up to 3.2 x 15m

application examples

Apple Store Palo Alto
Apple Store Palo Alto
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Alice Tully Hall
Alice Tully Hall
Diller Scoido + Renfro LLC.