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sedak isosun®: solar control insulating glass always remains cool

sedak isosun® is the efficient solar control insulating glass line from sedak. sedak isosun® reliably protects against glare and solar heat gains via its highly efficient combination coating.

Even in instances of large areas of glass, the sedak isosun® insulating glass, with its integral solar control coating, prevents overheating or overcooling of buildings - without restricting the amount of incoming daylight.

Overview production capabilities

Broschure insulating glass line

sedak isosun® - solar-control insulating glass
sedak isosun®:
heat-strengthened or fully tempered
2 to 4-ply insulating glass; multiple on request
combined coating (solar control/low-e) on side 2
available up to 3,2m x 16,5m

application examples

Apple Store Palo Alto
Apple Store Palo Alto
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Bauzeit 2007
Alice Tully Hall
Alice Tully Hall
Diller Scoido + Renfro LLC.
Bauzeit 2009