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sedak isosecure®: insulating glass for special requirements

Clients choose sedak isosecure® whenever glazing not only has to protect against light, noise, and heat, but also hazards. sedak isosecure®, with laminated safety glass, protects against accidents, vandalism, and break-ins.

sedak isosecure® can be supplied for glass roofs or glass facades with up to five plies in formats of up to 3.2m x 15m (10ft 6in x 49ft), depending on specification and location, to create a laminated safety glass that provides maximum protection.

Different laminations allow panes of glass to be tailored exactly to individual requirements. You may also choose colored interlayers or ceramic printing to customize any sedak isosecure® glass product.

  • suitability for foot traffic
  • falling and fall-through resistance
  • resistance to thrown objects
  • resistance to manual attack
  • bullet resistance
  • blast resistance
  • hurricane resistance


Insulation glass protects without splintering up to the bullet-resistance class BR7 NS

The new sedak isosecure combines bullet-resistance with the performance capabilities of modern insulation glass. Because the customary polycarbonate system is not needed anymore glass with coatings for solar control and heat retention can now be used in the construction of bulletproof insulation glass.

Further advantages of the clever panel composition:

- The external panes are made of glass (no polycarbonate system). This preserves the
excellent aesthetics of the transparent material and simplifies the handling and cleaning of the insulation glass.
- As no polycarbonate is used, sedak isosecure achieves a better fire protection class.
- The certified composition is available for bulletproof insulating glass up to a size of 3.5 x 20 meters.

sedak isosecure protects splinter-free against bullets and demonstrates its resistance against handguns (pistols and revolvers) and even against military assault rifles firing hard-core bullets in the highest bullet-resistance class BR7 NS.

IGU Package Thickness

BR4 NS: 115 kg/sqm 64mm
BR6 NS: 150 kg/sqm 79mm
BR7 NS: 200 kg/sqm 100mm


Press release 

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Broschure insulating glass line

Certificate BR4 NS

Certificate BR6 NS

Certificate BR7 NS

sedak isosecure® - laminated safety glass
sedak isosecure®:
heat-strengthened or fully tempered + laminated
2 to 4-ply insulating glass; multiple on request
in seven safety qualities
available up to 3,51m x 20m

application examples

Apple Store Palo Alto
Apple Store Palo Alto
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Bauzeit 2007
Alice Tully Hall
Alice Tully Hall
Diller Scoido + Renfro LLC.
Bauzeit 2009

Glass coatings in uncompromising sedak quality

You need to talk to the experts at sedak whenever coatings and the g-value of the glass must meet toughest specifications because coatings on glass, e.g., for efficient solar control and low-e glasses, must also satisfy our stringent quality criteria.