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sedak isocolor®: colored insulating glass to brighten up your day

Cheery warm, classically discreet or really brash - sedak isocolor® is an insulating glass with its very own look which leaves a lasting impression on the observer.

Virtually any color is possible with sedak isocolor®. You can choose from body-tinted insulating glass or insulating glass covered with colored sheeting, available in all shades, including a range that is akin to the RAL Colors. Do you want your company’s building facade in exactly the same color as your company logo? The sedak isocolor® range makes it easy.

Full-coverage printing on insulating glass with the sedak roller-coater method further expands the range of possibilities. We use ceramic inks that are bonded permanently to the surface of the glass during tempering at 600°C. The result is an especially durable and UV-resistant color scheme.


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Broschure insulating glass line

sedak isocolor® - insulating glass
sedak isocolor®:
heat-strengthened or fully tempered
2 to 4-ply insulating glass; multiple on request
with colored or body-tinted ceramic-ink printed glass
available up to 3,2m x 16,5m

application examples

Apple Store Palo Alto
Apple Store Palo Alto
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Alice Tully Hall
Alice Tully Hall
Diller Scoido + Renfro LLC.