sedak isodecor: coated insulating glass

sedak isodecor®: the ingenious kind of coated insulating glass

When it comes to design, sedak isodecor® is just as versatile as the architect’s imagination. Coating or printing allows exact reproduction of virtually any design.

Total or partial coating of glass with silver and gold enhances the appearance with precise, delicate ornamentation and attractive gloss effects.

sedak can either print the entire surface of the pane with ceramic inks, using the roller-coater method, or can apply designs via ceramic digital printing using the world’s largest ceramic flatbed printer, which achieves resolutions of up to 1024dpi. The digital printing method enables perfect reproduction of photorealistic designs and gradual color transitions - all in one operation on panes up to 15m (590in) long.

After application, the ceramic inks are permanently bonded to the surface of the glass in the subsequent tempering process to create a UV-resistant finish that permanently retains its brilliance.