sedak clear edge: Crystal-clear views

Unobstructed view: Parapets and handrails with glass edges

With its glass edges for all-glass parapets and handrails, sedak combines attractive aesthetics with function. There is not even a narrow metal component to spoil the view. Curved or even bulletproof parapets are also available.

If balconies and roof terraces are to offer unobstructed sweeping views into the distance, then the vista should not be blocked by (opaque) handrails. Glass parapets can provide such clear views but the edging often spoils the transparent effect. This edging protects the glass from the effects of the weather and from impacts, and is therefore necessary. In order to eliminate this optical interference, sedak has developed functional edge protection – made from glass! This provides seamless vistas; near and far merge together optically. These highly transparent aesthetics are now available in two variants.

Functionality with pleasant haptics

When topped with a defined glass C-edge, handrails are given an exceptional feel and completely transparent optics. Dirt cannot stick to the rounded edge and water flows off, so the edge stays clean for longer. Handrails with a C-edge are also available with astounding curves: in these curved variants they take up the sweeping geometry of the building and transpose it into highly transparent handrails and balustrades with the aesthetic properties of glass.

Modern elegance, maximum transparency

Classical elegance is provided by „sedak clear-edge“, a transparent edging for handrails. The patented edge protector covers the upper edge of the laminate and provides a clean finish to glass parapets. With its highly polished sides and flat top, the glass strip thus protects the laminate from the effects of the weather and also functions as protection against impacts.

For increased security requirements sedak also manufactures individual all-glass solutions for balustrades and handrails in bullet-resistance classes up to BR7 NS and STANAG level 3.

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Photo: Åke E:son Lindman