Bullet-resistant and curved

sedak: Bullet-proofed glass now also curved

All-round protection: As the only manufacturer so far, sedak has combined these characteristics for glass and even has two different lines in its portfolio: the insulation glass „sedak isosecure“ and the laminate system „sedak secuprotect“. Radiuses of one meter upwards are possible; the glass is splinter-free and available up to a maximum format of 3.60 x 20 meters. Furthermore, as thermally toughened glass it is certified according to DIN EN 1063 and is industrially curved and therefore usable statically.

Both of the outside surfaces are always made from glass, which looks more attractive and is easier to clean than conventional solutions with film on one of the external surfaces. So the insulation glass construction does without a polycarbonate system, thereby achieving better fire protection. As with the flat variants, both of the curved versions are certified, sedak isosecure from BR 2 NS to the highest bullet-resistance class BR 7 NS. As a bullet-resistant laminate system „sedak secuprotect“ is also certified for the class BR 7 NS. Because of its symmetrical construction, the laminate even provides security from both sides.

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The only insulation glass that is both bullet-resistant and curved is sedak isosecure. ©sedak