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Multifaceted interplay: the optics of fluted glass

Panes of glass with grooves create a dynamic visual impression that changes according to the viewing angle and the incident light. sedak now realizes these fascinating optics by cutting the grooves into float glass. The big advantage: the new production process allows numerous design options. In comparison with conventional casting or pressing production methods the glass thereby obtains an unusual brilliance. In addition, these lively glass panes with their highly precise structure can be further processed into insulated glass or safety glass. Fluted glass, with its characteristic look, opens up a broad spectrum of applications and provides an optical highlight on façades or as a striking room divider functioning as a sightscreen.

With its new production competence in fluted glass, sedak once again demonstrates the multifaceted nature of the building material glass. The grooved panes cut from float glass have a high level of brilliance; the cutting of the grooves is absolutely precise – vertically, horizontally or diagonally, in V or C form and with a freely selectable distance between them. The glass thus becomes an optical highlight on the façade or in the interior – up to a maximum size of 3.6 x 20 meters. It is also is temperable, so laminates, insulated glass and safety glass for façades can be realized with the new optics.

Enchanting reflections are created when rays of light are refracted by the flutes in the glass, quickly putting the observer under the spell of the three-dimensional glass surface. The proportions and the orientation of the grooves provide a tantalizing interplay with the light and a fascinating relationship develops between viewing angle, daylight, artificial light and glass: like an exquisitely cut diamond, fluted glass sometimes displays clear light, sometimes colors or reflections. The appearance changes constantly and invites playful discovery: static architecture becomes lively design that can be actively experienced.

The first projects with oversized fluted glass have already been realized by sedak in Canada and the Middle East.

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