sedak isosecure - bulletproof glass reconceived

Glass built-up without polycarbonate

Bulletproof glass usually prevents projectiles of various ammunition sizes from penetrating and splintering by way of polycarbonate systems. They are applied on the inside of the glass. The disadvantage of conventional bulletproof insulating glass is that it can't be coated with sun and heat protection coatings. With sedak isosecure, we have taken the safety concept one step further. The glass built-up requires no polycarbonate system. This is the trump of the sedak insulating glass family:

- The use of the usual sun and heat protection coatings is possible

- Exterior glass surfaces are only made of glass and not of plastic. This means that they don't scratch and can thus be cleaned normally.

- Better classification of fire behavior, as no polycarbonate is used

The certified structure is available for bulletproof insultating glass up to a size of 3.5 x 20 meters


sedak has already received the certificate for the proven firing classes BR6 NS and BR4 NS for sedak isosecure. The certification for the highest firing class BR 7 NS is in planning.

Certificate firing class BR4 NS.pdf

Certificate firing class BR6 NS.pdf