Once again – sedak sponsors racing team

monocoque hardens in 17-meter autoclave

This year's aim of the up-and-coming racing team "Starkstrom Augsburg e.V." of the University of Appliead Sciences Augsburg is to reduce the weight by 20 percent and become faster - with sedak's support.

Last year, StarkStrom already used sedak's autoclave to harden the full-carbon monocoque. Instead of manufacturing heavy glass units up to 16m, this time, the challenge was to design the chassis of the electric racing car as light as possible. The hardening process in the autoclave allows the team to use carbon fiber pre-impregnated with resin. Using that type of carbon fiber is considerably easier than fiber that has to be infiltrated with resin manually. Compared to last year's chassis, the team saved several kilos by using unidirectional fiber and structuring the layers differently. The outer design will change only slightly. The vehicle will be only three centimeters longer.

In 2017, the crew takes part in the "Formula Student" competition for the sixth time. The manned vehicle of last year will be developed into an autonomous racing car without any driver.


sedak wishes the StarkStrom team much success for this year's season!


[Translate to English:] StarkStrom zu Gast bei sedak - Formula-Student-Team härtet Monocoque in 17m langem Autoklaven