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New reference online: outdoor work of art C-010106 by Sarah Oppenheimer

On September 15, Landmarks, the University of Texas at Austin's public art program, unveiled "C-010106" (2022), New York-based artist Sarah Oppenheimer's first outdoor work and her largest to date.

The artwork consists of 2 reflective glass structures on a pedestrian bridge and is designed to turn the sense of space on its head by allowing pedestrians at the top of the bridge to see the reflections of those below and vice versa. The glass for the artwork was supplied by sedak: 8 rectangular glass laminates (up to 4.85m x 3.17m) create the reflections and mirroring desired by Oppenheimer.

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C-010106 by Sarah Oppenheimer ©Richard Barnes

C-010106 by Sarah Oppenheimer ©Richard Barnes